Donnie & Dana Anderson
Christian Relief Fund (Campamento, Olancho)
  • Managing the construction and initial startup of farm to feed and employ people living in the Tegucigalpa dump
  • Managing the construction of 100 plus homes for the poor, working in conjunction with the Mayor in Campamento
Larry & Marsha Bannister

Hope for the World Honduras (Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan)

Sharing God's love for people throughout the world by providing for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs

  • Discipleship
  • Feeding programs
  • Building strong Christian communities with area churches
  • Short term teams

Nathan and Kathy Brown
Cultivate Honduras (Valle de Angeles, Francisco Morazan)
Cultivating the Kingdom of God in Honduras by healing the land and raising up sons and daughters of God
  • Teaching life skills including carpentry and farming
  • Growing fruits and vegetables to give to orphanages and feeding centers
  • A place of rest, counsel, and prayer
  • Lead worship services
  • Discipleship/Mentoring

Benjamin & Sarah Cannon

Ane International Ministries (El Progreso, Yoro)

Leaving a legacy of hope through love, education, and assistance. Building relationships and embracing people with the love of Christ.

  • Community outreach
  • Medical Assistance

Billy & Michelle Chrzan
Crimson Outreach (La Ceiba, Atlantida)
Founder/CEO, Secretary
Reaching Out to Those Reaching Up
  • Providing the skills and training people need to operate their own successful businesses (farming, aquaponics, coffee, etc.)
Mitch Cooper

Camino Global (Siguatepeque, Comayagua)

To evangelize to unsaved people through working alongside them in construction projects

  • Supervisor of Maintenance at Hospital Evangelico

Robert and Debi Cowan
Roatan Connections (Roatan, Islas de la Bahia)

Connecting people and resources to help the impoverished and spread the Gospel

  • Encourage people spiritually.
  • Assist people economically and emergency food relief.
  • Distribution of donations.
  • Student sponsorships.
  • Discipling fellow believers.

Kaleb & Stacey Eldridge
Heart to Honduras (Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortes)
Developers of Transformational Initiatives

Form disciples that will transform their world by focusing on recognizing local resources, increasing local collaboration, and empowering local community and church leaders to develop their own communities through hope in Christ.
Heather Farrell
Enliven Ministries (La Union, Lempira)
Equipping God’s people to grow and serve
  • Community development projects and leading group trips with Aldea Development
  • Serve and support Vida Abundante Church (worship and youth ministries)
  • Leading small groups and Bible studies
  • Violin/music lessons for students
  • Restaurant/Cafe ministry Aviva

Bradley & Jennifer Flack

Hand and Feet Honduras (Saba, Colon)

Make more and stronger disciples of Jesus Christ who make more and stronger disciples of Jesus Christ, following the Great Commission in Matthew 28

  • Help people of the Aguan River valley come to know and love the Lord and to be an answer to their prayers, both physically and spiritually

John & Kirstin Garrison

Association for a More Just Society / Academia Los Pinares (Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan)
Researcher & Fellow / Dean of Students

Association for a More Just Society: Brave Christians dedicated to making Honduras' system of laws and government work properly to do justice for the poor

  • Comunity development, investigative/legal/advocacy/psychological services for crime victims, investigative journalism, research, education and Public Health reform, anti-corruption efforts

Academia Los Pinares: To see our students experience salvation and develop their personal relationship with Christ, maturing into adults and leaders who live to honor God in all areas of their lives

Chris & Cindy Haughey
Tegu (Amarateca, Francisco Morazan)
For-profit toy factory based in Honduras that fosters a positive social impact through its business, in partnership with a local school
  • Women's bible study

Jeff & Julie Hines

Transform Honduras (La Ceiba, Atlantida)

Transform the nation of Honduras, one community at a time. To break the cycle of poverty by empowering communities to successfully tackle and solve their Physical, Social, Educational, and Economic challenges.

  • Currently building two elementary schools in the communities of Las Delicias and Pueblo Nuevo.
  • Community development projects in 10 communities in and around the La Ceiba area.

Michael Hines

Transform Honduras (La Ceiba, Atlantida)
Construction Coordinator

Reach, Teach, Disciple, and Care for people following the example of Jesus Christ

  • Work in Community Development in the communities surrounding la Ceiba building schools, churches, water wells,and homes

Timothy and Jaclyn Horan
Step Up Honduras / Adelante Honduras (Yamaranguila, Intibuca)
Establishing God’s truth in the hearts of the Honduran people through love and encouragement
  • Encouraging pastors
  • Home Group planting
  • Women's Life Skills classes / encouragement
  • Exploration of Bible classes
Charley Jackson
Honduran Outreach Ministry (Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan)
Serving the poor and spreading the gospel  
  • Giving out food, clothing, and blankets
  • Help build and repair homes
Ben & Kelita Johnson

Transform Honduras (La Ceiba, Atlantida)

Equipping local communities to grow and thrive spiritually, economically, socially and physically

Lindsey Kalk

Cafe Koinonia (Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan)

Facilitating participation in and empowerment of the Body of Christ through a quality coffee experience

David Ledwitz

Society of Anglican Missionaries & Senders (SAMS) (Siguatepeque, Comayagua)

Serve the people of Honduras by focusing on public health projects with clean water, education,pilas and fogons

Jonathan & Andrea Haines Leeper

Trujillo Mission Project (Trujillo, Colon)
Founder / Executive Director

To share the hope of Christ in simple and practical ways by serving the under-resourced families of Trujillo

  • Provide a safe temporary sleeping environment in our home for any local child who finds themselves without shelter
  • Teaching & caregiving assistance to the local non-profit "Little hands Big Hearts" and other local civic organizations
  • Free transportation for the special needs children of LHBH & their families
  • "Work sponsorship" program for school age children
  • "Free" English classes out of home for any local person who wants to learn English
  • Weekly & monthly cookouts along with fun activities such as soccer camps & karaoke nights in out home
  • "Life group" Bible studies

Jeannie Loving
Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders (Danli, El Paraiso)
Share, Serve, Support
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Church planting
  • Youth development
  • Short term teams
Jacob & Amanda Marchlewski

HOPE Coffee (Siguatepeque, Comayagua)
Discipleship & Community Development

Equip the Honduran Church in reaching the lost by assisting them in servant evangelism initiatives


Ronald McDonald and Jamie Rich-McDonald
The Journey of 2 (Roatan, Islas de la Bahia)

Provide food, water, physical and spiritual health to those in need
  • Education (ESL, homework help)
  • Backpack ministry and evangelism
  • Sports court
  • Host teams
Jack Melvin
Shelter for Honduras (Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan)
Helping provide shelter for the poor of Honduras
  • Providing architecture and construction management
  • Construction teams
  • Mercy - computers for Honduran students, other assistance for the needy, poor, and sick

Bradley Mick

Christian Relief Fund (Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan)
Program Development Director

Outreach through economic development programs

Marty & Christa Smith

Project World Inc (Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan)
Director / Secretary

Build strong and trusting relationships with the communities where we serve

  • Hosting teams
  • Building houses
  • Visiting hospitals and orphanages
  • Feeding at the dump
Kenneth & Nikki Snipes

Christian Community in Honduras (Taulabe, Comayagua)

Building relationships and meeting the needs of the people in central Honduras

  • Oversee 14 churches
  • Serve the community through healthcare, fumigation, agriculture training and support, water purification and by sharing the love of Jesus

Adria Stamm Gamez & Job Gamez

God Makes It Grow (Siguatepeque, Comayagua)

To raise up followers of Christ through discipleship relationships by using various tools including agriculture, business, and water

  • Sharing Christ's love and salvation through relationships as we work towards developing a demonstration farm and cooperative, repair wells for those without access to potable water, work with kids and youth in the local church Awana program, lead Bible studies, and disciple individuals.

Dwight and Joanne Tomkins
The Least of These - Honduras (Catacamas, Olancho)
Facilitating the activities of the local church
  • Teaching classes in health, nutrition, sanitation, and safe water
  • Training in marketable skills such as computers, introduction through webpage design
Joel & Kellie Weed

Cultivar La Vida (Siguatepeque, Comayagua)

To strengthen families and communities by cultivating physical and spiritual growth through nutrition, education, and discipleship

Michael & Barbe Wolfe
Spanish Institute of Honduras (Siguatepeque, Comayagua)
Working to bring about an improved future for the youth, church, and community 
  • Manager of the Honduras Spanish Institute, primarily for incoming missionaries
Matthew and Ellen Zell
Equip International (La Paz, La Paz)
Field Director
Helping people by meeting physical and spiritual needs
  • Heat retention cooking demos
  • Agriculture demos
  • NiCo - after school ministry
  • Puppet ministry
  • Aquaponics

John Zeller
Inversiones y Proyectos Misión El Paraíso S.A. DE C.V (La Esperanza, El Paraiso)
Provide good homes and jobs for Christians from El Paraiso committed to building a Christian community
  • Own & operate a 200 manzana farm in El Paraiso growing mostly coffee with some corn & beans