Abba Padre International

Todd & Wendy Boyle 
Founder & Director
(San Pedro Sula & Lago de Yojoa, Cortes)

To be the hands, feet, and heart of the Father to nations.

  • Emergency Transition Home for at-risk infants and toddlers
  • Organizes and hosts various groups throughout the year to come to Honduras to work on building projects, help in the public schools, go on evangelistic outreaches, as well as to assist and support local pastors, leaders, and missionaries


Baptist Medical Dental Mission International
Jorge Rivas
(Tegucigalpa/Zamorano/Guaimaca/Siguatepeque, Francisco Morazan/Comayagua)
Evangelize the lost, disciple the saved, minister to the needs of the poor.
  • Children's Home
  • Hospital
  • Bible Institute
  • 60 + teams a year
Breaking Chains
Amber Foster
(Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan)
  Sharing the love of Christ and breaking chains of urban poverty
  • Living facilities (homeless shelter)
  • Meal service (free meals 1X/week)
  • Worship and Bible Studies
  • Hosting short term missions teams
  • Donated item distribution
Casa de Ester
Ileana Molina
Legal Representative
Helping Kids - Strengthening Families
  • Transforming Abused Teens into Independent Young Women
  • Girls will receive an individual plan addressing: Spiritual & Character Development, Educational Advancement, Vocational Training / Placement, and Social, Emotional & Physical Well-Being
Clinica Esperanza

Peggy Stranges
(Roatan, Islas de la Bahia)

Provide an environment where the best possible healthcare can be provided in the communities of The Bay Islands of Honduras, with educational opportunities for both the people we serve and the local healthcare providers.

  • Outpatient day clinic with full service pharmacy and laboratory
  • Local health care advocates in the communities
  • Distribution of food to single moms with children through the clinic pediatrician and promotoras
  • Outreach services - school vision screenings, oral health education, distribution of oral care products, prenatal classes, health fairs, distribution of items
  • Assist other island ministries with health clinics and fairs


Corazon de Cristo
Robin Gracie Travis Murphree 
(Talanga, Francisco Morazan)
Meeting people at their moment of greatest need and empowering them to be the solution to their own problem
  • Spiritual (discipleship and training leaders)
  • Mercy (food, clothes, medicine, education, Christmas, disaster aid)
  • Rescue (victims of abuse and violence)
Eternal Family Project
Sara White
(Pena Blanca, Cortes)
Breaking the cycle of poverty through the power of a Christian forever family
Forgotten Children Ministries

Pat Corley
Business Manager
(Comayaguela, Francisco Morazan)

Rescue street children and seek to provide a loving, caring environment as we show the love of Christ to those placed in our care

  • Operate facilities in and around Tegucigalpa to provide full-time care for these children of God

Fundacion Casa de Luz
Ed & Valerie Schubert 
Foundation President
(Zambrano, Francisco Morazan)
  • Casa de Luz – Daycare for low-income families
  • Children’s Community Events
  • Milk Program
  • Other Community Outreach Projects
Gathering Hearts for Honduras
Gary & Cheryl Kuney
(Los Portales, Cortes)
  • Working with the village churches to unite the pastors and help develop them to win the villages to Christ.
  • Helping young Honduran men and women learn a trade so that they can earn a living.
Give Hope 2 Kids

Jason & Sarah Furrow
(La Ceiba, Atlantida)

Give orphaned and abandoned children love, security, and a stable family-life, so they can become confident, responsible, and industrious adults that will make a difference in their country.

  • After-school program which reaches children and teens from four local villages every week and includes classes in English, computers, music, library time, and a Bible study
  • Run a home for orphaned and abandoned children
  • Have a discipleship group for local teens
  • Hold a weekly youth group for young people from several villages
  • Run a farm to produce food and resources for the children's home


Go to Nations
Wyly & Candace Gammon
Regional Director for the Americas
(San Pedro Sula, Cortes)

Reach out to local churches with training and inpiration to raise the level of leaders working with children, with the goal of establishing key national leaders
  • Feeding program
  • Clean water projects
  • Education projects
  • Upbeat, relevant Super Church for children
  • Aquaponics community development project
Heart of the City Church - Honduras

Don Lynn
Lead Pastor/Church Plant
(San Pedro Sula, Cortes)

To introduce and reunite people to Jesus Christ so they can impact the world and glorify His name

  • Church plant

His Hands Mission International

Joel Aycock
(El Paraiso, Copan)

  • Provide for the physical and spiritual needs of people in remote areas.
  • Teach and train people in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Start/develop water filtration projects and other projects to improve community health and welfare.
  • Teach communities how to complete and maintain these projects independently.
  • Train leaders to continue the mission in neighboring communities

Hope for Honduras

Shelley Jones
(Comayaguela, Francisco Morazan)

Develop fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ

  • Bilingual School
  • Bible Kinder
  • Medical Clinics
  • Preschool Bible Institute
  • Iglesia Vida y Esperanza, Colonia Nueva España
  • Iglesia Vida y Esperanza, Colonia Jose Trinidad Cabañas
  • Short Term Mission Teams
  • House Construction
  • Feeding in the Streets
  • Food Distribution

House of Today Ministries, Inc.

Jody Preston
Co-founder, Director
(San Marcos de Colon, Choluteca)

Training teens and college students from USA to disciple and lead others

  • Leading others to Christ
  • Developing disciples to serve in their churches, communities, and homes

Identity Mission

Jorge & Tara Garcia
Executive Director
(Siguatepeque, Comayagua)

Impact the lives of orphaned, abandoned, and at-risk children by bringing healing to the orphan heart through sharing the message that their true identity resides in Christ Jesus

  • Sharing the message of one’s identity being grounded in Christ and not determined by one’s supposed status as an orphan through Life Books, conferences, discipleship programs, and other events.
  • Walking alongside residential children’s homes to supply for emergency needs, nutritional lack, needed materials, collaboration in building projects, and a network of resources.
  • Implementing foster family programs within the community; Christian foster family location services, trainings, follow up, child placement, and support. Focus on spreading God’s heart for every child in a family among the churches and within the orphan community. Implementing family preservation programs and models that can be duplicated. Connecting these families to resources needed to continue to provide for their children.  Provide the moral and spiritual support to those families served in the family preservation programs.



Ignite Ministry / Ministerio Encender

Sergio & Melissa Mejia
(Siguatepeque, Comayagua)

“Building Community by Uniting the Word with Action” - To see communities restored using the Word of God to establish Kingdom values in the areas of society, specifically targeting families, education, spiritual growth and health care

  • Onsite birthing clinic
  • Children/Family ministries
  • Onsite middle school (Feb 2016)
  • Spiritual Development
  • Short term missions groups
  • Extreme mountain adventures

In the Light Ministries Honduras

Jose Melendez
(San Pedro Sula, Cortes)

Use the tools granted us by God to bring the Light to as many as we can find

  • Raising 6 orphans
  • Church pastoring
  • School administration
  • House building
  • Well drilling for potable water

Instituto El Rey Foundation

David Sharpless
(La Ceiba, Atlantida)

To train and inspire young people to rise out of poverty through education to become "World-Changers"

  • A Christian high school presenting a Godly education to the rural area of the Cangrejal Valley

Joy to the Nations International

Joy Dodd
(Roatan, Bay Islands)

Bringing Joy To The Nations through the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  • Ministry to orphans/orphanages
  • Ministry to the elderly
  • Children's crusades and discipleship
  • Bible Institute
  • Short-term missionary teams

Jungle Hospital (Healing Hands Global)
Martin & Wendy Williams
(Cuenca Cangregal, Atlantida)
Provide comprehensive medical, dental and spiritual care to the under-served people, developing a comprehensive health care model that can be used in other third world nations
  • Outpatient facility with inpatient services of Labor & Delivery, programmed surgery, and urgent care since 2016
  • Host short term teams and practitioners from Feb-Aug each year in the areas of medical, educational and construction
  • Minister alongside four other ministries in the Cangrejal River basin: Instituto El Rey, Give Hope 2 Kids, The 600, and Lugar de Sanidad


Leadership Mission International

Joseph Rahm
Executive Director
(Zambrano, Comayagua)

Help poor Hondurans rise into positions of leadership in their local communities so that Hondurans can lead ethical and positive change throughout their country

  • Operate a post high school academic institution where English, Leadership, Community Development, Business, and Education are taught from a Biblical worldview
  • On-campus faith-based activities, including morning devotionals, weekly bible studies, church services, and worship nights
  • Community service events in local communities, frequently by partnering with local churches

Legacy of Hope Foundation
Matt Spangler
(Santa Rosa de Copan, Copan)
Provide a safe and loving home for every child
  • Foster Homes: Empowering Honduran families to provide a safe and loving home children in crisis.
  • Crisis Care: Providing a 24-to-72-hour, safe and loving environment to children in emergency crisis situations.
  • Family Preservation: Partnering with other organizations to strengthen and educate families, allowing them to stay together.
  • Consulting: Working with DINAF to shape policies that are in the best interest of children and families.

Mesoamerica Genesis / Church of the Nazarene

Scott & Emily Armstrong
Regional Coordinators
(Missionaries serving in Tegucigalpa & San Pedro Sula)

Seek to make Christ-like disciples in the urban centers of Mesoamerica

  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Community outreach
  • Church organization

Micah Project

Michael Miller
(Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan)


Support young men as they learn to live out Micah 6:8 which tells Christians to “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God”

  • Three group homes for young men and boys
  • Outreach to street children

Mision Internacional El Ayudante
Tristan and Beth Mohagen
(Lo de Reina, Comayagua)

To grow committed followers of Christ by meeting the needs of our community. Changing Lives, Transforming Communities.

  • Medical and dental clinic
  • Community development
  • Support education and schools
  • Water filters
  • Basic sanitation
  • Support local churches
Mision Miqueas 6.8

Jacob & Melody Cherian
(El Progresso, Yoro)

Look after children who have been abandoned, abused, or neglected and give them love, care, education, encouragement, and Christian values so they have the ability to influence and guide the future generations of Honduras

  • Children's home with 35 children
  • Farm project and dump truck rental
  • Volunteer groups focused on local outreach

Mission Encounters International

Larry Benson
Executive Director
(Island of Helene, Bay Islands)

Help Hondurans find their ministry through a deep relationship with Christ and encourage them to follow that calling

  • Helene Christian English School
  • Medical Missions
  • Habitat for Helene
  • Water ministry
  • Short term teams


Mission on the Move
Ernie Sizemore
(Santa Elena, Cortes)

Changing Lives for Christ, One Child at a Time
  • After school education and discipleship program
  • University scholarships
  • Children's homes for orphaned and vulnerable children
  • Gateway home for abandoned and orphaned babies
New Beginnings Missions, Inc.

Benjamin Agee
(Gracias, Lempira)

Giving at-risk children a new beginning in life with love, hope, family, discipleship, and opportunity to hear about the love of Jesus Christ

  • Create and run a village of foster homes where each home has a mother and a father and up to 6 children.  The village will have up to 10 individual homes and will grow crops and have various educational opportunities to teach the children a trade.


Nueva Esperanza/New Hope for Honduras

Lisa Eytzen Loneman
(Siguatepeque, Comayagua)

 Bringing the love of God to the people of Honduras

  • Two locations, each providing a small school for special needs students and a home for children who are at risk

Reach Out Orphanage Ministries

Reach Out Orphanage Ministries
Country Director
(San Pedro Sula, Cortes)

Share the love of Christ by empowering children and communities through abandonment prevention, orphanage support, and family placement solutions


Schools of Hope

Kathryn Mizen
(Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan)

Bring lasting HOPE and share God's purposes and plans with the people of Buena Vista communities of Tegucigalpa, Honduras

  • To grow passionate followers of Christ through evangelism within the public schools.
  • To increase food security and meet the nutritional needs of the children in public schools through our ERDO ISFP (In School Feeding Program).
  • To support families in the greatest need with child sponsorship through ERDO’s ChildCARE Plus.
  • To partner with communities by helping with improvement projects to better their environment and living conditions.

Send Hope

Sharon Brian
(Puerto Lempira, Gracias a Dios)

  • Short term medical, dental, and constructions trips
  • Providing items such as food, school supplies, medical supplies, and clothing
  • Helping children with medical needs in Honduras and the United States
  • Helping students achieve their educational goals

Signs of Love
Robin Harter
(La Ceiba, Atlantida)

Love, teach, evangelize, disciple, and church the rural, disenfranchised deaf.
  • Bring language and community to the deaf
  • Live the Gospel
  • Cultivate deaf leaders
  • Host deaf camps
  • Plant deaf churches
  • Promote deaf awareness
  • Launch enterprises for the deaf

Sparrow Missions
Justin & Ashley Ross
Executive Director
(San Pedro Sula, Cortes)

Focusing on "the least of these" - those forgotten by the world, but not by God.
  • Child sponsorships to get kids in school
  • Education for those who can't read or write
  • Discipleship classes
  • Vocational training and education for women
  • Serve in orphanages
  • Vocational training for men at Ministerio Vida
  • Short term teams to fuel the full-time ministry projects
  • Run a private Christian school for poor community
  • Sparrow Missions Children's Home for abandoned children
UrbanPromise Honduras
Hugh Stacey
Executive Director
(Copan Ruinas, Copan)
A community from which servant leaders step forth:
  • After School Program
  • Summer Camp Program
  • Youth Leadership Program
World Gospel Outreach
Mac Youngblood
Human Resources
(Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan)
Casa de Esperanza, Rancho Ebenezer, Ebenezer Academy, Belize Outreach 
WGO exists to do three things well.
  1. To serve and reach the poor for Christ.
  2. To provide care for displaced or abandoned children.
  3. To provide opportunities for the North American Church to  experience the joy that comes through serving. 

Worldwide Heart to Heart Ministries (ASOCORA)

Rick Stephens
(Tegucigalptia & Puerto Cortes, Cortes)

To love, care for, and raise children in a village, providing them with the opportunity to get a good education and learn about Jesus in order to become responsible adults and productive citizens

  • Children's home
  • Church
  • Bilingual school
  • Medical/dental clinic
  • Learning center